BJORG and nutritional quality

Beyond organic certification, BJORG has chosen to focus on nutritional balance.

Organic food is not always synonymous with balance, and you can still consume organic products that are too fatty or too sweet. This is why BJORG selects the majority of its ingredients for their nutritional benefits, and combines them to obtain a balanced profile.

For example, BJORG products are made of whole grain or semi-whole grain cereals, unrefined sugar and salt and combined with cereals and legumes. What’s more, the brand favours short ingredient lists, with simple recipes, in order to avoid the superfluous and preserve authentic taste.

Since 2009, BJORG has formalised its commitments in a dedicated charter,

the Organic nutrition chart:

– Whole grain or semi-whole grain cereals
– Unrefined sugar and salt
– Plant-based alternatives
– No glucose-fructose syrup
– No sugar in savoury products
– A GMO free sector, with full traceability and testing
– Selected, non-hydrogenated raw materials
– No colourings or preservatives in accordance with current regulations
– Authentic taste
– Short ingredient lists

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