Bjorg and organic foods


A pioneer in the organic world, BJORG is proud to say that all its products are certified organic*.

All of them bear the French label AB (organic produce) and the European organic label. These guarantee that at least 95% of the ingredients used in each of our products are organic, and that they meet European regulations surrounding organic products.

In order to guarantee that foodstuffs are of organic origin, it is vital to carry out tests at all stages – from raw materials to production and delivery. Independent certification bodies approved by the French Ministry of Agriculture are responsible for testing for the organic origin of ingredients and checking that the specifications for organic produce are complied with – as such, they ensure that the products meet the strict requirements of the organic label.

Every year, in addition to test carried out by independent bodies, BJORG supports additional analyses (searching for traces of pesticides, checking for the absence of GMOs, mycotoxins, checking nutritional value, etc.).

Why eat organic?

For our health For the environment For better-tasting food
Organic products are grown without the use of pesticides and GMOs. In addition, BJORG offers products with nutritional quality. Organic products do not contaminate the soil (no pesticides or chemical fertilisers). They thus produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions and are a better way of protecting and preserving biodiversity in all respects. Producing organic food is a guarantee of taste and authenticity as well as a healthy way to enjoy food daily without artificial flavourings and other superfluous ingredients.

*100% of the range meets the requirements of European regulations surrounding organic produce. Mackerel fillets which are sold exclusively in France are the sole exception.