Bjorg and sustainable development

Beyond organic produce, BJORG has taken on commitments in support of sustainable development.

Placing humans at the heart of a global ecosystem, respecting the planet and future generations, protecting biodiversity, sustainable management of natural resources… That’s what an organic lifestyle is all about! You may not necessarily think about it while eating your BJORG cereals, and yet it’s true!

Environmentally-friendly packaging

BJORG works every day to come up with new packaging solutions that are more environmentally-friendly. Our product packaging is made with plant-based ink and chlorine-free plastic. It is recyclable for the most part and some of it is made with recycled paper.

BJORG is also working on reducing the quantity of packaging found in its products.

The majority of BJORG products packaged in cardboard bears the label of the Forest Stewardship Council* (FSC). This certifies that the packaging is made from wood from sustainably managed forests.

An innovative environmental approach, every day

We are certified ISO 14001 and work on reducing our CO2 emissions, waste and electricity consumption.

We adopt innovative practices to ensure better respect of the environment in our everyday processes:

– Production sites supplied with renewable energy
– Environmentally-friendly gardening and lawn mowing (see inset)
– Growing depolluting plants with a view to eliminating most of the volatile compounds found in the air
– Ethical and selective collection and recycling of office waste
– Environmentally-friendly office supplies (notebooks, pens, etc.)
– And so on.

Civic engagement

BJORG makes regular donations to food banks and collaborates with environmental activist organisations: Slow Food, Générations Futures, Inf’OGM.

The brand continues to make organic food accessible to a wide audience by organising in-store events and organic nutrition workshops to advise consumers about their food choices.

Healthier food, healthier planet, healthier people!