Our story

The BJORG brand was born in 1988 in Lyon (France).

Set up by a dietician in a time where food scandals, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity were all over the news, it positioned itself as an organic brand from the start.

Built on the firm belief that what we eat every day affects our health tomorrow, BJORG is committed to making organic products that are respectful to the environment and human beings accessible to a wide audience.

But eating organic is not enough.

A food can be organic and too fatty or too low in nutritional benefits. BJORG’s real innovation is that for the first time, it has combined organic quality and nutritional balance in its products.

27 years later, BJORG is still the French leader in organic products and offers approximately 200 everyday foods for the whole family. BJORG is also available in over 30 countries worldwide.

When you eat BJORG products, you’re choosing trust, balance and pleasure – you can enjoy delicious food while eating well!

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