Whoever said organic produce was bland!?

Discover our wide variety of organic biscuits now. Thanks to the outstanding range of flavours – plain, fruit filling and real chocolate – you can vary your pleasures every day.

We carefully select our biscuit ingredients so that you get a genuine nutritional benefit. For instance, in our dark chocolate filled biscuits, we use wholemeal flour for extra fibre and real chocolate for magnesium.

Mmmmm… it’s organic and oh so good!

Did you know?
Since 2004, BJORG has been committed to finding replacements for palm oil to use in its products. This commitment has led to a reduction in saturated fatty acid content whenever technologically possible and to a limited environmental impact.

Our must-have products

  • Organic biscuits with a cocoa filling

    Try our whole buckwheat flour biscuits with a cocoa filling. They come individually wrapped for
    easy and delicious snacking on the go!

  • Organic waffles with a honey filling

    Our Waffles with a Honey Filling combine a crunchy texture, a lovely golden colour and a delicious, creamy honey filling. They are made with semi-whole grain flour, which protects the outer covering of wheat kernels, and are a natural source of vitamin E.

Our assortment

Chocolate Biscuits

Plain and Flavoured Biscuits

Biscuits with a Fruit Filling