See the BJORG meals range for daily lunches and dinners. It is a handy way to prepare the day’s dishes from start to finish.

BJORG plant-based cooking aids can be used instead of cooking creams in any savoury or sweet dishes. They have multiple advantages: they are organic, 100% plant-based and have a subtle taste. Vary your pleasures with our different flavours: almond, soya, coconut and oats.

BJORG pouches are cereal-based side dishes which you can adapt to suit your tastes. Pouches are useful, easy to handle, lightweight packs which are great for taking to work for speedy lunch breaks. They can be heated up in two minutes in a microwave or bain-marie.

Discover our other condiments: virgin olive oil, stock for extra-tasty meals.

Have you heard about tofu?
Tofu is traditionally used in cooking and made using soya beans. It is rich in plant proteins and a source of Omega 3 as well as the magnesium and iron needed on a daily basis. It is the ideal solution for vegetarian meals, being easy to prepare and a delicious way to vary food.

Our must-have products

  • Organic soy cuisine

    BJORG Soy Cuisine is a source of Omega 3, and consuming 2g of Omega 3 daily helps you to maintain normal cholesterol levels. It can be used instead of cream in all savoury and sweet dishes (quiches, gratins, sauces, cakes, desserts, etc.).

  • Organic vegetable stock cube

    BJORG Vegetable Stock Cubes are the ideal partner for all of your dishes. A subtle mix of vegetables and spices, they will give a delicious flavour to meat, sauces and soups as well as rice and pasta dishes.

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