Dairy Alternatives

Are you lactose intolerant? Or would you simply like to discover new flavours?

BJORG has a wide range of high-quality organic plant-based drinks. There is something to suit every taste, from soya to almond, oats, spelt and even coconut.

Plant-based drinks have the advantage of being naturally lactose-free and containing unsaturated fats.

Depending on their ingredients, some even contain plant proteins. They help contribute to a balanced diet the natural way when you make them part of your varied eating habits.

Did you know?
BJORG has its own production bases for making plant-based drinks in Italy, so we can trace our products as effectively as possible. One of our bases transforms its waste into biogas and green energy to that it is completely environmentally friendly.

Our must-have products

  • Organic almond milk with calcium

    Delicious and a source of calcium – a helping hand for adults and children at breakfast time. Excellent in culinary preparations – you can use it in your recipes (pancakes, cakes, desserts, etc.).

  • Organic light soy drink

    Give in to temptation with the light soy taste of this drink. Low in fat and enriched with calcium, it has all of the benefits of soy. It also provides a guaranteed source of plant protein and fibre.

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