Bread Alternatives

Cereal rice cakes: a tasty organic treat to keep your hunger at bay!

BJORG has light rice cakes and fibre-rich wholegrain breads. They are great to eat at any time of day:
– with a spread at breakfast,
– as a replacement for your usual bread or crackers during meals,
– as part of your starter or main,
– as aperitifs or snacks.

Whether you would like something sweet or savoury, cereal rice cakes are always a tasty, organic solution.

Did you know?
If your rice cakes have gone soft, you can pop them in the oven for a few moments to make them crispy again.

Our must-have products

  • Organic extra thin corn cakes

    Our corn cakes are gluten free and high in fibre. Light and very thin, each rice cake contains 20 calories. Admire their lovely golden colour and enjoy the taste of popped corn.

  • Organic spelt and oat bran rice cakes

    Discover our delicious organic rice cakes made from spelt, whole grain rice, oats and oat bran. Enjoy their light, crunchy texture and the taste of cereals that are high in fibre.

Our assortment

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