The brand

A pioneer and leader in organic food in France since 1988, BJORG is more than simply organic-oriented. It is innovative and boasts expertise in different product categories, enabling all consumers to eat an organic, healthy and varied diet.

Certified organic products

For 27 years now, BJORG has offered exclusively* organic products that are good for the environment and our health. All BJORG products are made without synthetic pesticides, GMO and colourings.

For more information on the Organic label, click here.

Nutrition above all

Being of the firm belief that what we eat every day affects our health, BJORG is committed to offering products with nutritional value and preserving the natural taste of food.
The brand prefers to choose ingredients rich in micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and trace elements, etc.) and combines them to obtain a good nutritional balance.

For example, in our products, you’ll find:

soy with its eight essential amino acids, organic whole grain or semi-whole grain flours containing more fibre than white flour, unrefined natural sugars, non-hydrogenated plant fats, …

Discover our Organic Nutrition charter here.

French indulgence!

When organic and nutrition are combined with natural taste, the result is amazingly delicious products! BJORG offers authentic products which reveal the natural taste of their ingredients. Just open a pack and give in to temptation!

Products for everyone at any time of day

The variety of BJORG products (plant-based drinks, biscuits, rice cakes, cereals, cooking aids, etc.) means you can eat well all day long. There’s something for all tastes and all ages!

BJORG and traceability

Organic food is strictly regulated. Our products are regularly tested and analysed by independent bodies. BJORG also carries out additional analyses (searching for traces of pesticides, checking for the absence of GMOs, mycotoxins, checking nutritional value, etc.).

Integrated and traceable soy production

To guarantee optimal, controlled quality from start to finish, BJORG has chosen to have its own variety of soy, grown by small producers based in northern Italy, near its production facility. Thanks to a strict control and monitoring plan throughout the year, BJORG soy is the best choice you can make.

*100% of the range meets the requirements of European regulations surrounding organic products. Mackerel fillets which are sold exclusively in France are the sole exception.